Meatloaf cupcakes!!!

So, these were super easy to make and for someone who doesn’t like meatloaf…even I loved them! They were supposed to have mashed potato frosting but we just ate those one the side 🙂 As you can see, Alex thoroughly loved his dinner!!

In case you would like to make them yourself…here’s the link!

Ok, tomorrow I will be eating a plate of corned beef and cabbage!! See you Wednesday night peeps! Better late than never Panko fish tacos!!!

Cooking is worth the whisk 🙂



Crazy week.

So, this week has been hectic and stressful. There wasn’t a whole lot of cooking happening. Wednesday was a take out night, Alex was at work until after 9. Thursday my mom came over and I made yummy garlic porkchops, ranch potatoes and green beans with mushrooms. No pics because before I could plate it up nicely we had to take my Mom to the ER. Long story there. Not sure on what is making her sick but that’s a story for my other blog. Due to the events of it being a very long and emotionally trying day, Friday was a Longhorn kinda night. Rest assured, it was delicious. Tonight I made what is called the best oven fried chicken. It was pretty epic. To go along with it I made homemade mac’n’cheese. I put my own little twist on it…muenster cheese. It was supply yum. Sorry folks, forgot pictures again. I promise I will get my act together. Here’s to next week’s menu folks 🙂

Tomorrow, just for Alex (and maybe my mom), I’m making meatloaf cupcakes with mashed potato frosting. Should be cute! See ya then!!

Fish taco fail.

So, being the novice that I am I completely forgot to take the cod out of the freezer…doh! So, that will happen next week. We had tacos at On the Border yesterday to which Alex said “yours would have been better!” I may be giving him a false sense of confidence in my cooking prowess. We are both feeling sickly today so if we have anything, it will be takeout tonight. Boo, I know. But tomorrow is slow cooker chops with creamy garlic sauce,  roasted potatoes and corn. So, that is something to look forward too. My mumzy will be joining us so you’ll get her opinion too 😉 see ha tomorrow!

Potato Soup…YUM

So, over the weekend I didn’t cook at all. We had Jack Stack on Saturday night and then for dinner Sunday, so here is the next chapter:

The Loaded Potato Soup I made last night was a hit! So yummy, rivaled Chili’s in my humble opinion. I made Tippin’s cornbread muffins on the side! So much yum!!

Tonight I’m making from scratch Panko fish tacos…can’t wait, see you on the flip :)

Black Pepper Chicken

So, the black pepper chicken was a success. Dinner was quite late because I failed to add in the extra time to let the chicken marinate. But, it was still tasty. Served it over jasmine rice and it needs to be mentioned that I also made flan with salted caramel sauce for dessert. Yum!

Alex thought it was super good which is always my goal! Although this was the same man who told me I made the best bolagna sandwhich he’s ever had. Lol. Here was the final product. 

I wish I’d cooked it slightly longer, peppers weren’t as soft as I would have liked…next time 🙂


Well, I’m no longer single but this gives me a huge opportunity to spread my so called culinary wings. I have met the most amazing man on the planet and he loves my cooking (I mean, who wouldn’t? Amiright?)

Anywho, I will be striving to make a new meal every night the next two weeks. A little breakdown, every Tuesday is Taco Tuesday and I will be making pork at least once a week. I’m going to document this journey beginning tonight. Here’s the menu for the coming week:

Friday: Black Pepper Chicken and Rice

Saturday: Homemade pretzel dogs with sweet potato fries

Sunday: Potato Soup

Monday: Shepherd’s pie potato skins

Tuesday: Crispy Panko Fish Tacos

Wednesday: Mozzarella & Green grilled cheese with tomato soup (full disclosure, the soup will not be homemade, Campbell’s is the boss, yo!)

Thursday: Slow Cooker Pork Chops with Creamy Garlic Sauce and Mashed Potatoes

Friday: Crock Pot Sweet Garlic Chicken with pasta

So, there it is! I’m super excited and also a little apprehensive. I love to cook and I will be checking in everyday to let you know Alex’s commentary on the prior nights dinner 🙂

Let’s heat this kitchen up!!!

And the winner is…

Well, with an overwhelming percentage of the vote…next week  I will be cooking…


Pistachio Crusted Salmon!


Now, this should be interesting because I enjoy eating fish. I have never had a problem cooking tilapia and eating it…having said that, last week I attempted to make some Mahi-Mahi and let’s just say it ended up in the trashcan and I was feeling a little green. I’m not a squeamish person in the least…smells, sights, sounds…usually do not bother me. But there was something about that Mahi-Mahi with the skin still on one side that just gave me the heebie-jeebies so bad it didn’t even make it to the oven. But, that is part of why I’m doing this…to get outside my comfort zone!

This one should be interesting folks!!

Check in later for a post about the delicious Bourbon Chicken I made for me and a friend last week! It was yum yum!!

Keep it spicy!

Blogger Timeout

So, I feel like I should be in blogger timeout. I read once that one thing a blog reader wants from their blogger is honesty and entertainment. I hope I’m entertaining but I feel like I haven’t been totally truthful. Having said that, I haven’t lied on purpose but I have not kept my deadlines like I promised! Life has changed at an alarming rate recently and I haven’t been keeping up so well! I still have not made the recipe from my first poll, but I shall be using my friend M as a food taster of sorts while she is in town this week! I plan to make that glorious chicken on Friday!


Part of the reason I’ve been so flighty is due to this little thing:


she is adorable and terribly sweet but she is like a small baby…up in the middle of the night, whines when she can’t see me and constantly under my feet! I am getting more adjusted though and I think she is become more acclimated to her new mom 🙂

So, all of this was simply to say that I am sorry for being a lazy blogger and I will try harder and be better, especially since this blog exists for my learning and your entertainment!

One Spicy Single Week 2!

I know, I’m practically updating this blog at snail pace! I’m sorry, please accept my humble apologies…again!! I will be posting something fun later this evening and then making the delicious (I hope!) Brown Sugar Garlic Chicken tomorrow night! But for now…here is the poll for Week 2…vote vote vote! It’s quick and easy!!

VOTE VOTE VOTE!! I can’t wait to see what you all choose!!

And the winner is…


Runner Up: Black Thai Pork

Sorry it took me so long to post, this has been quite a week, been a little under the weather but all better now, however I can’t make this awesome chicken until Monday due to a hectic schedule this weekend. But, have no fear, I will fully document the ENTIRE experience on my blog through pictures. I know, you can hardly wait! 

Thank you to everyone who voted…I promise I will be more diligent with getting the results up on Monday! Stay tuned for the next poll!! (Which will probably post later today :))